Two Clinical Trails are Changing the Way “Wake-up Strokes” are Treated

Two recent studies, one of which was cut short due to the positive outcomes of the first study; are changing the way “wake-up strokes” are treated. The mainstream and drug of choice for acute ischemic strokes is TPA. TPA is a clot buster, or as I like to call it “a little clot bomb”. TPA … More Two Clinical Trails are Changing the Way “Wake-up Strokes” are Treated

Favorite Pharmacy Apps

ASCVD Plus: Good tool to have when calculating a patient’s 10-year risk and adjusting therapy to make an impact on their risk.  Medscape: Has good articles, latest guidelines, drug pricing and pill identifier tools  Lexicomp: Does anyone else pull out their Trissel’s IV Compatibility during a code when you’re running over five meds on two … More Favorite Pharmacy Apps

Spooky Case Report

The following case report was inspired by a patient. The gender, age, and race have been left out to protect patient personal health information. This case report is intended to have a discussion and learning opportunity about an unusual diagnosis. This case report is not intended to be medical advice, contact your physician for medical … More Spooky Case Report

Medication Safety

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate the healthcare community and consumers about medication safety. In their September issue they included ten medication safety tips for hospitalized patients. Their number one suggestion was to keep an up-to-date medication list and know your medications. I might be … More Medication Safety