Bridesmaids Gifts

Gift giving is my love language! Items that I could use as potential gifts constantly catch my attention. I look forward to each holiday, birthday, milestone celebration or just because occasions to give someone a gift. Therefore, when it came to giving a gift to my bridesmaids I wanted to give them one that could … More Bridesmaids Gifts

Our Wedding

Getting Ready We got ready at the Hyatt Regency Coral Gables. I rented us each a presidential suite to ensure both our wedding parties would have a comfortable place to get ready in. We made sure that the suites had plenty of snacks and refreshments. Church Ceremony Our wedding planner helped us rent the vintage … More Our Wedding

Bridal Shower

How to host a bridal shower for about $1,000 Host at someones home, club house, or anywhere that will cost $0 Keep food cost low by having buffet style food Buy appetizers and alcohol at wholesale grocery stores DIY the decorations and flowers For my bridal shower, in true type-A personality, I planned (almost) everything. … More Bridal Shower

Forever & Ever

As I approach my one year wedding anniversary next week, I’ll share the following marriage tips:  Have a Joint Calendar  I keep a calendar by the door where we write our work schedule, appointments and important dates. We try to plan our week and weekends together in person. If we have plans, we inform each … More Forever & Ever

Final Fiesta

This may come as a surprise to some, but I actually planned my entire bachelorette party. For those of you who have the pleasure of knowing me personally, this is no surprise. I always knew my bachelorette party would be in Mexico, because Lauren Conrad had her’s there and I obviously had to follow suit. … More Final Fiesta