Holiday Recap

Did anyone else have time to stop and smell the roses between thanksgiving and new years eve? -asking for a friend In the span of 24 hours we turned over our guest room from hosting friends to in-laws. We also got asked to host christmas morning. My husband and I don’t taking hosting likely, we … More Holiday Recap


Friendsmas is a great opportunity to spread some holiday cheer with friends before everyone gets too busy with family events. Gift exchanges such as white elephants or secret santa can be done during this gathering. Last year we opted for hosting only a friendsmas since our November calendar was busy with our wedding. We made … More Friendsmas

Gift Wrapping

Each year I carefully search for a gift wrapping theme that calls to me the most. Since I keep the tree and decor around the house pretty neutral, I’m able to play around with the wrapping more. Three Gift Wrapping Tips Pick a theme that doesn’t clash with the tree and overall Christmas decor Pick … More Gift Wrapping