Quarantine & DIY

Since home improvement stores are still open, now would be a good time to tackle some small home improvement DIY projects. I’ll all about saving money and repurposing existing things in my home. I’ll share some DIY projects I have pinned and can’t wait to get started on. Statement Wall Board + Batten How-to here … More Quarantine & DIY

House Plants 101

There has been some buzz and speculation about why millennials are obsessed with collecting house plants (here and here). For me, it is the joy, gratification, and minimalist aesthetics that comes with how a plant changes the vibe of a room. Watering my plants on Sunday morning has become part of my weekly routine. I … More House Plants 101

Spring Home Refresh

My girlfriend and lovely editor (read grammar police) once made a comment to me about how her boyfriend’s standard for home decor was Wal-mart. I responded with a quick “challenge accepted”, and proceeded to send her all the cute decor items wally-world has to offer. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Drew Barrymore … More Spring Home Refresh

Home Organization 101

If you have the pleasure of knowing me personally or if you’ve had the privilege of sharing a home with me, you’d know that I am passionate about organization. I may or may not have organized roomates’ bedrooms, while they were out. While everyone was amazed by Marie Kondo tidying up skills on netflix, I … More Home Organization 101

Deck the Halls

Decorating the house for Christmas brings so much joy to my heart. Last year I came across a natural fern garland at Trader Joes and can’t picture another holiday season without natural fern. Trader Joes pro tip: call the store and ask if the seasonal item is in stock, how much do they have and … More Deck the Halls