Guest Bathroom Inspiration

The time has finally come to renovate our guest bathroom! We embarked on this DIY home renovations project about three months into the pandemic. Since then, we have slowly been checking things off the to-do list that often feels endless. Shortly after moving in, I’d done a DIY project in the guest bathroom and shared a blog post about that here.

The Before & During:

Inspiration from Studio McGee:

Vision Board

I wanted to incorporate a herringbone pattern somewhere in the house and thought the guest bathroom would be the perfect spot. I debated whether to use porcelain, ceramic or marble tile. Since all three options were relatively priced the same (probably due to the popularity) I opted for marble. The bathtub surround would be a classic white subway tile but the edges have some variation. I wanted to incorporate brass in the bathroom and opted for the sconces and hardware to be brass. I felt this was a safe choice, incase brass phases out of style in a few years. Swapping out a light and a towel hook is cheaper and easier than a faucet. I mixed the faucet brands due to cost. I used the Kingstone brand in my kitchen faucet and it has been working just fine. Switching out the matching Delta faucet saved me $100! I want to add a wainscoting detail to the bathroom, paint it a sage green color and leave the ceiling and remaining wall color in a complimentary white paint color.

Bathroom Reveal Coming Soon

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