Secret Garden

When the pandemic and inevitable first quarantine started, it seemed bread baking, iced coffee, tiger king and home gardens were a popular way to pass the time. At the time, all the prefabricated garden beds online were either sold out or marked up (supply and demand). Between home renovations and shifts at the hospital, I had missed the prime planting season. I therefor spent most of the summer admiring others gardens (serious FOMO). This time around I was more prepared! You can find my ongoing list of garden supplies here.

Gardening Supplies

Trellis / Copper Labels / Shears / Hat / Garden Tools / Garden Bed / Compost

Garden Inspiration

When designing the new kitchen layout, I’d always envisioned a door that lead to the side yard. The side yard would house a vegetable, fruit and flower garden. I’m drawn to French and English garden design, which is ironic since I live in a zone 9-11. Nonetheless, I’m determined to find plant varieties that can withstand the Miami heat and humidity. You can follow along my journey on Instagram here in the “Produce” highlights.

Current Progress

Multiple sources suggested the bottom layer of the garden bed be mulched. The rest of the soil I combined compost and garden bed soil. I read the information sticks and planted everything in the current layout crossing my fingers that what I planted grows well next to each other. The herbs planted were: sweet basil, thai basil, cilantro, rosemary and lavender. The vegetables planted were: red pepper, blond pepper, cherry tomato, potato variety and onion variety. I grabbed all the small plants and bulbs from the garden section at Lowes because starting from seed felt expert level.

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