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Atomic Habits” by James Clear and “Whisper Network” by Chandler Baker on Audible.

Unprecedented Times

My days consist of “business as usual” in the hospital… except there’s also a global pandemic happening. The amount of emails and updates has me in stimulus overload and an all-time alert fatigue high. I’m constantly referring to the ID Stewardships recommendations, trying to read the latest study or case report in all things COVID-19 related. Meanwhile, I’ve also been training in the pediatric pharmacy and that in and of itself has me going “back to school” to refresh on all things pediatric medicine. Each day, we put on our brave faces as we walk into the hospital for our shift wondering if the surge has started. Is today the day we run out of PPE, because it’s no longer a question of if, but rather when. We shake our heads at the sight of civilians out and about wearing gloves and not properly disinfecting the gloves each time they touch something. We come home to loved ones who can’t embrace us right away because we haven’t “decontaminated” yet. It’s rough guys! We try to stay positive and make jokes to cope with the lingering feeling of impending doom. We are more vigilant than ever to be outstanding members of the community, because we realize the world is watching how we handle this.  We are mentally and physically exhausted. It feels like we are in the eye of a category 5 hurricane and at any moment we are gonna get hit hard. Stay safe friends, wash your hands and hang in there.

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