Friday 5: Quarantine Week 4

1. #ThanksHealthHeros

I’m beyond grateful to be able to have my health and continue to be a frontline healthcare worker. The hospital I work at has been in heavy prep mode (we ain’t messing around) and has been making it a priority to cross train employees in preparation for the surge. If your into history check out these past pandemics.

2. Sally Mae and I are “on a break”

E and I decided to take advantage of this and forge paying our student loan debt in loo of paying off our credit card debt faster. Debt is a double sided sword my friends, read more about my thoughts on student loan debt here.

3. Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath

House of Lilac is offering an at-home worksop. I’ll do an individual blog post later, but for now enjoy my wreath and order yours too.

4. Gardening

Its spring which means fresh blooms! Currently working on fertilizing all my outdoor plants in hopes of having endless blooms this spring.

5. Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee

I’ve been following along Studio McGee’s journey on instagram, youtube and their website for some time. I’m drawn to her effortless design style and how each room makes you feel welcomed and at home. Here are some of the collection items that call to me. Click here for the full collection.

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