Friday 5: Things on My Wishlist

1- Rent the Runway

Just when I thought Rent the Runway couldn’t outdo itself, RTR was like “hold my drink”. They revamped their subscription memberships. My RTR Update membership is now called “1 Swap”. They added a “2 Swap” for those gals that would like more swaps but not as many as the unlimited. Theres a great promotion going on now, or you can use my referral code to get $30 off.


Is anyone else over all the COVID-19 media coverage?!? I was recently at House of Lilac picking-up my double bouquet subscription and chatting with them about my professional opinion as an emergency medicine Pharmacist about COVID-19. I put together a blog post for them, read it here. S/O to all the healthcare workers and first responders for putting the needs of other before themselves.

3- Target does it AGAIN!

The new Hearth & Hand spring collection has been released and like just take all my money already Target! Two things in my shopping cart have already sold out! A part of me is sad, but the practical reasonable part of me is like “don’t buy furniture till after you redo the floors blah blah blah”. There will be more collections that you’ll fall in love with.

4- New Playlist Alert

I have been listening to the “Behind the Boards Motiff” Apple Music playlist on repeat! I legit can not get enough of it. It’s the perfect playlist for cleaning the house, driving to work or getting a party started.

5- Flower Pattern Fabric

Rifle Paper Co just release its new fabrics… and OH MY! I obviously signed up for the scrunchies giveaway and went ahead and ordered a few goodies from Etsy.

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