How to Style a Small Flower Arrangement

I’s shared a few blog post on how to style everyday flowers throughout the home to elevate the every day. ( here, here, here and here ) In this blog post I’ll be styling a small arrangement with the flowers from my House of Lilac double bouquet subscription. I used a few flowers to style three bud vases and demonstrated a “bud vase how to” in this blog post.

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The first step is always to clean and process all the flowers. Luckily for me the ladies at HOL already do the “dirty work”.

Separate the flowers into categories to make styling easier. I group all my greens, filler flowers, pop out flowers and statement flowers into little bundles. Make sure the vase is clean and is filled with water. I placed plastic chicken wire inside the vase to help keep the flowers in place.

I decided to make the arrangement a forward facing arrangement. Meaning that all the statement or pop out flowers face forward and the back is left minimal with just greens and filler flowers.

Notice how the back of the arrangement doesn’t have any statement flowers.

For this particular arrangement I added the greenery and filler flowers at the end after placing the statement and pop out flowers.

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