March Currently: STOP Panic-shopping

Well, its March and the media’s new favorite buzz word is “coronavirus COVID-19” and I couldn’t be more over it! I wrote a blog post over on House of Lilac about COVID-19 and how we need to all remain calm and stop “panic-shopping”. Pandemics or epidemics don’t care about which mask you buy or how you bathe in hand sanitizer. Viruses and bacteria are just out there trying to survive and searching for that perfect host. There is nothing groundbreaking about how to prevent getting sick. Make sure you wash your hands throughout the day, stay home if you are sick, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough. Do I sound like a nagging parent or what?!? Oh, and one last thing, fulana-de-tal is not a reliable source of information! Refer to the CDC or WOH website.

My 30-day Peloton trial membership has come to an end. During my trial I completed a total of 17 rides on my amazon knock off bike (blog post about that here). I have been carefully building my endurance up from 20 minute classes up to 45 minute classes. I was fortunate enough to have found Cody early on in my journey and have only taken his classes. Each morning I look forward to my time on the bike with Cody. His dance moves, pep talk and music are always on point and inline with what I want to hear while exercising. Follow me along at “mortarandpastel” on the Peloton app.

The Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) is finally releasing a board certification in emergency medicine! ( The date is still far out, in 2022 but there’s something to look forward to. It’s so rewarding to have pharmacists in emergency medicine be recognized for all their hard work and contribution to both patients and the emergency medicine healthcare team. Which leaves me with my current dilemma, which board certification should I get now? I am drawn to the ambulatory care board certification because the health-care system I work for is expanding pharmacy services to doctors offices and clinics. I would like to be able to follow-up and manage my patient’s chronic conditions once they have been discharged from the hospital. This is an area in which pharmacists can have a tremendous impact on reducing readmission rates. 

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