House Plants 101

There has been some buzz and speculation about why millennials are obsessed with collecting house plants (here and here). For me, it is the joy, gratification, and minimalist aesthetics that comes with how a plant changes the vibe of a room. Watering my plants on Sunday morning has become part of my weekly routine. I walk around my home and check in on my plants while drinking my morning coffee. 

If I had to guess what I google the most, it’d be “how to keep ___ plant alive”. I spend more time than I’m willing to admit browsing over beautiful plant images online. When I find a plant I’d like to add to the collection, I do extensive research on how to care for it. I try to ensure I have a place in my home where the plant can thrive. This has come after many failed attempts at keeping my plants alive. Here are some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. 

Water Proof

Make sure you place a plastic cover inside the pot to avoid water from spilling out. I prefer to place my house plants in either basket or pots. Placing a plastic saucer inside a basket makes it easier to turn any basket into a “plant basket”.


Water indoor plants at a minimum once a week. Read the plant care instructions that come with each plant. It will give you a reference on how often to water. Although a cute watering can is a nonnegotiable.


Cut off dead foliage to promote new growth. I use these flower scissors. It also helps to dust the leaves about once a month or when visibly dusty. The dust prevents the leaves from “breathing”.


Rotate the plant so it gets even sunlight

Mortar & Pastel’s House Plants

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