Terrible Twos: HBD Bruce + Wayne

My little fur-babies turn two. Bruce and Wayne are from the same litter, but couldn’t be more different. Their favorite hobbies together included destroying “super chewer toys,” uprooting the garden and eating socks. 

Bruce is gentle but demands attention. If you don’t give Bruce the attention he craves, when he wants it, he will whine. Bruce likes to be hugged and comforted in his terms. When it comes to sleeping, Bruce prefers to alternate between laying next to the bed or manspreading on the couch. Bruce is also the trouble maker! He is such a picky eater and weighs almost 10 lbs less than his brother. I have to add food toppers such as tuna, chicken, sweet potato or chicken broth to his food to get him to eat it all. If you deny Bruce “human” food, he will wait for you to leave and search for the food in the trash. We’ve resorted to leaving the trash in the garage when we aren’t home because this guy is clever and will find a way to open all the “pet proof” trash bins. 

Wayne is el papi de la casa. Wayne’s favorite thing to do is spread himself over fresh sheets. Honestly, this guy enjoys sheet changing day more than me. Wayne spends the majority of the night wedged between us in the middle of the bed. Wayne loves to give kisses and doesn’t understand personal space. His favorite space on the couch is the same as E’s and they constantly battle for the spot. Wayne will eat all his food and finish his brothers because that’s what brothers do. Wayne is well behaved and mannered, but don’t get it twisted. If Wayne doesn’t like you, he will let it be known to you. Wayne is strong and takes us for walks.

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