Favorite Pharmacy Apps


Good tool to have when calculating a patient’s 10-year risk and adjusting therapy to make an impact on their risk. 


Has good articles, latest guidelines, drug pricing and pill identifier tools 


Does anyone else pull out their Trissel’s IV Compatibility during a code when you’re running over five meds on two lines?!? Oh wait jk, the tiny 22 on the left hand just burst! Can someone start a central line so I don’t have to choose which life-saving drips need to be paused?!!!! I also like the calculators and drug-drug interactions tool on the app.


This is my Holy Grail! I start all my medical and pharmaceutical searches here. I often find myself jumping around from link to link gathering all the knowledge I can. I like how off-label indications are listed on UpToDate and I can click the link to the clinical trial, case report or drug study to determine if the patient meets certain off-label criteria for safe medication usage. We’ve all worked with that one physician that always orders medication for an off-label indication you never even knew existed. My favorite is when they leave love notes for pharmacy aka “off-label indication, pharmacy don’t change”. Hi, I’m Pharmacy. 

Sanford Guide:

The activity spectra is very helpful when you are trying to recommend antibiotic therapy. I often refer to this app when patients have multiple allergies or cultures need to be interpreted. It’s also helpful to have a second reference to compare antibiotic therapy instead of just using UpToDate.

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