Bridesmaids Gifts

Gift giving is my love language! Items that I could use as potential gifts constantly catch my attention. I look forward to each holiday, birthday, milestone celebration or just because occasions to give someone a gift.

Therefore, when it came to giving a gift to my bridesmaids I wanted to give them one that could be used beyond the wedding date. I also wanted the gift to feel personable, because I truly did appreciate each and every one of my bridesmaids.

I ended up going with a rather traditional gift of silk robe and coffee mug. I searched high and low for the perfect bathrobe. The robe needed to made out of good quality material, not be transparent and be long enough. I choose to purchase the robes from “To Happily Ever After” Etsy shop. I made sure to customize the robes with their names for that extra personal touch.

I have a rather modest collection of Rae Dunn pottery, when a bridesmaid came across a bride mug and matching bridesmaid mug, I knew I had to ask her to grab as many as she could find. I ended up going to four different Tj Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods stores until I found all eight “bridesmaid” mugs and one “Maid of Honor mug”.

Finally, I included a thank-you card from Rifle Paper Co for each girl to read before they got their make-up done, to avoid smudged make-up. Aside from the physical gift, I ensured that I rented a suite big enough for all of us to fit and gather in. I filled the suite with their favorite snacks, coffee and plenty of champagne

Me: I’ve been a chill bride right ?
Bridesmaids: ….
xoxo the chillest bride ever (just don’t ask my bridesmaids)

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