How to Host a Galentine’s Brunch

Galentine’s Brunch is always a good excuse to gather all the girls and sip on champagne while catching up. My girlfriends have always opted to take turns hosting at home. I thought I’d share what goes into planning a Galentine’s Brunch. 


We like to have options when it comes to our menu. Us gals celebrate our Galentine’s Brunch Potluck style to help the hostess. The waffle batter can be made ahead of time and gals can make their waffle fresh and pick from an array of toppings. The waffle bar toppings can also be used as the parfait bar toppings. (host smart, not hard) I’ve used this overnight egg casserole dish numerous times and it’s always been a hit. Bring the dish over and pop it in the oven along with the breakfast potato casserole. A charcuterie is always a good idea and very “on-trend”. Make sure to bring extras to refill the charcuterie board if your gals are like mine and don’t want Galentine’s Brunch to ever end. 

  • Waffle bar
  • Parfait bar
  • Overnight egg casserole dishes
  • Breakfast potato casserole 
  • Charcuterie board 


As always reach for decor you currently have at home before running out to Target and blowing through the champagne budget. The dollar section at target is usually where I’ve scored most of my decor throughout the years. Fresh flowers, candles and a well set table is all you really need to dress the place up.

Cute Valentine’s day Decorations Currently at Target

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