Burn Out

Burnout as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) is an “occupational phenomena”. “Burn-out” is a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. It is characterized by three dimensions:

  • feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion;
  • increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s job; and
  • reduced professional efficacy.

Except it doesn’t feel like a “phenomena” when you’re in over your head in burnout and (excuse my language) trying to find a f**k to give. Burnout is that lingering stomach-turning feeling you get when, month after month, you’re barely making sufficient payments on all the debt you accumulated to get the degree/licence/certification to do the job you thought would make you happy. Burnout is the urge to not roll your eyes at every baby boomer who can’t comprehend or empathize with what you’re experiencing. Burnout is the paranoia of having your entire life captured in some capacity on the internet for all to judge. Burnout is the realization that you’ve been sold a lie. 

So here is my advice to the younger generations:

Pick a career that brings you joy, not one that you think will bring you “lots of money”

  • Financial freedom does bring joy and security into one’s life, but there are lots of ways to earn the money that’s going to give you that financial freedom.  

If you don’t know what you’re going to do, take some time to figure it out!

  • College credits expire, there’s a cap on the loan and scholarship money so you better figure it out. Figuring it out for one person might be to take a few “intro to ____” classes at a community college. Figuring it out to someone else would be to find a job first and see if pursuing the degree/license/certification is worth it. We all have different ways of learning, and we should encourage those who are trying to figure it out. The advice I give my cousins graduating high school is: no one but yourself is going to make you get out of bed each day to go to work or college. No one but yourself is going to work hard for that good grade or that job promotion. It’s on you to find that passion, I can’t tell you what to do. 

Be a good person and pay your taxes!

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