Friday 5

  1. Has anyone heard about the Peloton app? My co worker recently joined and can’t stop raving about it. Currently Peloton is letting you try the first 30 days for FREE! I currently have this spinning bike in my Amazon shopping cart.

2. Did everyone know that Target has stylish jeans for under $30 ?!?! These have been tried and tested by Shea of Studio McGee and are currently in my shopping cart along with a few extras.

3. Did anyone else set an alarm to be able to shop the new Priority Planner from Rachel Hollis?!? I wasn’t able to get on in-store at Target (read about that here) so I knew I had to get on online this time around.

4. A friend shared with me a podcast interview of the founder of Beauty Pie. To say my mind was blown away by the things said in the podcast is an understatement. Does overpaying for things annoy anyone else? Well I was immediately influenced and vowed to never overpay for beauty products again. I received my first order and was blown away with the quality. I’ll slowly start transitioning all my beauty products to Beauty Pie products. The shopaholic in me wants to buy everything at once, but the better version of me I’m working hard to become is telling me to chill.

5. We get an extra day in February! #leapyear

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