College Experience

Once at The Honors College, it was pedal to the metal! I think the only time I paused was seven years later, right before I walked across the stage to receive my diploma. I took an average of 20 credits per semester and used the summer terms to get more prerequisites done. This once-social butterfly was turning down invitations and signing up for study groups. I was up early to make my way across town from the suburbs of West Kendall to Downtown Miami. I jumped through hoops to get permission to take some classes at the Kendall Campus and still receive Honors credits because the Organic Chemistry professor there was better. I was up late studying, working on assignments and projects. 

My parents gave me the privilege of giving me  financial support, and in return I was to graduate. I spent many a night crying because I wanted to be out with my friends on a Thursday night, but I had a 7am chemistry lab the next day that I needed to prepare for. Soon the invitations stopped coming and my only friends were those I met in college. But then it was the end of the semester and my grades would post with fireworks next to them and all was well for a day or two. Than the anxiety of the next semester starting would kick in. E would do his best to make sure we always had a fun vacation planned for spring break or winter break. This really was the key to my sanity. I had a routine of school, spinning and studying. I was in great shape! Current me wants to be in that shape again. 

I worked hard to graduate with honors and have an impressive enough resume for pharmacy school. I should have been celebrating all my achievements, but all I could think about was that I got wait listed. I had spent the last two years working so hard to get the best grades, volunteer and get competitive test scores to have a university tell me “hmm if one of our first picks declines, then maybe you can come.” 

Are you kidding me?! There was no Plan B. This was my only plan! I got my official denial letter a week after the fall semester started. By then I had cut the pity party short and was on my path to revenge. Ain’t no university going to reject me like that! I was more determined than ever to get into pharmacy school the second time around. I enrolled at FIU to get more prerequisites done. I applied to every pharmacy school in the state of Florida and two out of state. The second time around, I turned down interviews when my first choice school accepted me early. And because I am forever that petty person, I did not apply to the school that “wait listed” me the second time around. 

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How to Become a Pharmacist: Pharmacy School Experience coming soon…

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