Home Organization 101

If you have the pleasure of knowing me personally or if you’ve had the privilege of sharing a home with me, you’d know that I am passionate about organization. I may or may not have organized roomates’ bedrooms, while they were out. While everyone was amazed by Marie Kondo tidying up skills on netflix, I was all like “been there, been doing that!” If an organized junk drawer isn’t #livingmybestlife I don’t know what is. 

Organizing is much simpler than organic chemistry lab, where your grade depends on how pure your end compound is. It’s literally THREE simple steps. 

  1. Take everything out
  2. Decided what to keep, toss or donate
  3. Put everything back, but this time organized 
I like to repurpose Birchboxes to organize and store things. 

I keep all my important paperwork in file folders. 

I use metal shelves and clear bins in the garage to store stuff. 

Baskets also help keep things together and make it look more organized 

I organize my closet as such: sleeveless blouses → blouses → long sleeve blouses → dresses. Oh and every little section is color coordinated.

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