January Currently

Books I’m listening to:

Dear Girls” by Ali Wong had me both crying and laughing at the same time. I’ve enjoyed Ali’s comedy since watching her “Baby Cobra” special on Netflix (I tell everyone to watch it). Listening to all her stories and adventures made me appreciate her comedy more. The way she talks about the things women have to endure and calls people out for squirming away when she talks about menstruation, miscarriages and birth is powerful. We shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about those topics, those are the things that make us powerful. 

I had watched the Ted Talk and added her audible book “Find Another Dream” by Maysoon Zayid to my library. I found myself googling a lot about palenstine while listening to her book. Her story and life’s work is remarkable and admirable. 

I came across Anne Helen Peterson’s Buzzfeed article at a time in my life when the burnout was at an all time high. She went on to write an audible original “The Burnout Generation”. I found how easy it was to relate to the stories told by the interviewees, even though we had different backgrounds. She really hit many of the contributing factors to our generation’s burnout. For instance, how social media has become so entwined with who we are that we can’t seem to turn it off. How it differs from prior generations because their jobs didn’t require them to use social media to market themselves. This causes us to always be “working” in some capacity, whether it’s answering to an email from home or posting on social media (aka your virtual resume). Our generation has crippling student loan debt, we aren’t entirely sure how to pay back while also balancing the cost of living. 

New Year, New Mood

I started off the year by getting my hands on a Start Today journal from the RachelHollisxTarget collection. I ended up ordering the Priority Planner online (for a $20 upcharge.. not bitter at all)  because I couldn’t find one in stores. I’ve watched all the videos on the Start Today website, and I’m so ready to get organized and start crushing my goals. I shared my twenty goals for 2020 in this blog post. I’ll do my best to share my progress and reflection on these goals as the year progresses.

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