Potaje de Chicharo

Is burning lentil soup on the insta pot a bad omen?

-asking for a friend

A few weeks ago while cleaning the Instant Pot, the pressure valve fell out. I didn’t think much of it and just placed it back as best I could. I had successfully made arroz con pollo in the Instant Pot with great success and thought, “I must have placed the pressure valve back correctly.” WRONG! I tried to make lentil soup on New Year’s Day and got a frantic phone call from E while at work that the Instant Pot was making a weird noise and said “E6”. Que???? Got home from work to lentil puree… not soup and to top it all off, it was burnt. I spent  New Year’s Day cleaning the burnt off the Instant Pot and googling “correct placement of pressure valve” hoping I didn’t jinx myself in 2020.

My aunt makes the best chicharo and I tried to mimic her recipe as best as possible. I can still improve on my recipe before sharing it here, but this one by The Hungry Cuban is a classic and a good starting off point.

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