2020 Vision

20 Goals for 2020

I’ve written in the past about the double sided sword that is a “to-do list”, but this isn’t a to-do list. These are the goals I hope to accomplish or make progress on by the end of the year. 

I split my goals into the following categories after writing them all down as I envisioned the best version of me in 2020. I went back and got specific about some of my goals. For instance, I gave myself a measurable compliance rate and lab values for some health goals. For the goals that don’t have a simple measurable outcome like “be in control of my happiness” or “prioritizing quality time with family and friends” I set out the goal to continue to grow in those areas. This might mean reading a book, journaling or listening to a podcast on those topics. 

Domestic Goals

  1. Reupholster the vintage chair 
  2. Finish swapping out the windows
  3. Remodel the bathrooms 

Health Goals

  1. Exercise five times a week with an 80% compliance rate 
  2. Reduce my diastolic to <100 mmHg
  3. Reduce my total cholesterol closer to the 100 mg/dL preference from 189 mg/dL   
  4. Reduce my LDL closer to the 99 mg/dL preference from 120 mg/dL 
  5. Improve my A1c from borderline pre-diabetic 
  6. Eat home cooked meals throughout the week
  7. Run a half marathon 

Career Goals 

  1. Get a 5/5 on my yearly evaluation 
  2. Become a P-3 preceptor for my alma mater 

Personal Goals

  1. Write three blog post a week
  2. Prioritize quality time with family and friends 
  3. Do Rachel Hollis “Five to Thrive” with an 80% compliance rate 
  4. Be in control of my happiness 

Financial Goals 

  1. Reach the half-way point in paying off my credit card debt
  2. Send an extra payment to the mortgage principle 
  3. Only buy what is needed, not wanted 
  4. Save $6,000

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