December Currently

Books I’m Listening

Just finished “Where the Crawdads Sing” and this audio book had me on the edge of my seat the entire nine hours! I binged listen to it over a week. I also listened to “Everything is Figureoutable” and will be listening to it a second time. The second time I will actually be pausing, writing down notes and doing the assignments Marie Forleo suggest. More on that to follow.

Podcast I’m Listening

I started the #last90days challenge by The Hollis Co very own Rachel and Dave Hollis. I’ve been tuning in to the Start Today Morning Show, the morning show no one is talking about (hope you sang the theme song when you read that last part). It has been a funny and inspiring thirty minute podcast I listen to while tying up around the house, driving to work, or out for a jog.

End of the Year Burnout

Is anyone else feeling like they just can’t seem to get the energy or motivation to tackle all the things on their to-do list. I’ve been running on fumes since Thanksgiving week, and it’s about time I get out of this funk. Week ten’s theme is “perception” and it couldn’t hit closer to home. I’m challenging myself to “go into a situation with a different perspective”. I’m listening to my body and allowing myself to rest, reflect and get back out there! Its easy to get burnt out by other peoples deadlines! So I’m just gonna focus on my agenda, cross match them with my intentions and keep that to-do list manageable.

I hope everyone took advantage of Chatbooks 40% off sale, we made sure to order our Christmas cards during the sale

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