White Elephant Gift Guide

Last year I convinced my family to do a white elephant gift exchange instead of getting everyone individual gifts. 

I was the go-to gift shopper since gift giving is my love language. Which meant that a once enjoyable shopping trip turned into a trigger. I found it stressful to help with everyone’s holiday shopping year after year. 

Now we look forward to just getting one big/funny/creative gift. My family enjoys giving away spoilers about how awesome their white elephant gift is and how everyone is going to be fighting over it. 

White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas 


Yeti tumbler / air fryer / coffee maker / Audible subscription / A Start Today Journal / phone charger / Tile / candle / house plant / loungewear set 


Birchbox subscription / Infinitely Loft subscription / wine cup / air pod case / Not Sorry necklace / wooden hoops / manifestó necklace / finley earrings / Magnolia Journal subscription / Dossier perfume 


Cigar / Birchbox grooming subscription / better your beard Birchbox kit / Crosley radio / AirPods travel / Dossier cologne / Nike sneakers / Northface jester backpack / shower beer holder / shower speaker 


Gift card mystery / wine glasses / mermaid tail blanket  / beware the force boxers / beer hip holster / burrito blanket 

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