Sala Approved Thanksgiving Outfits

Sala: a large or important room or hall especially one used in a home for the reception and entertainment of guests


While all your primas are running around Miami trying to find the perfect outfit to wear to Thanksgiving, you’re at home chilliando because you have Rent the Runway. Side-note: please tell me you read that last sentence in your best “Sh*t Miami Girls Say” voice… pero…. like

Golden Floral Midi Dress / Ruffle Jungle Print Dress / Cala Dress

Lips Crepe Dress / Printed Chiffon Dress

Melody Jumpsuit / Disco Dots Jumpsuit / Green Bouquet Dress

Have fun this Thanksgiving Holiday!

As always I am grateful for the first responders, police officers and hospital staff who make countless sacrifices daily to serve others. Please note that while you’re sitting in someones sala this year, someone else isn’t. That person is taking care of sick patients at a hospital, waiting for that call that yet another turkey caught on fire, responding to the call that your tio was in an accident, or crashing your dinner because abuela is having chest pain after finding out that you still haven’t found a husband/wife. All jokes aside, take the time this year to write letters or emails to those individuals/facilities who have touched your life. We really appreciate being appreciated.

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