HELLO! This would be my first blog post after an almost two weeks hiatus. To say work got a bit crazy would be an understatement! There have been so many new changes happening at work due to new leadership. I am beyond excited for these changes, but not as excited about the growing pains. I’ve been working hard to update my resume, CV and Linkedin profile. I’ve been listening to podcast about how to utilize Linkedin more effectively (like this one). Did ya’ll know that you can purchase resume and CV templates from Etsy?!? (I got this one, but this one was a close second)

Did I mention that I also decided to take on the Worksgiving planning and execution. Then agreed to a last minute work switch that meant I would be staffing two back to back twelve hour OR shifts all while trying to execute my worksgiving vision.

Anyhow, I’ve survived and I’m back on a regularly but modified blog posting schedule. I’ve realized that my original intention to post daily, was a bit much for me currently. I have chosen to given myself grace and will be posting three times a week instead.

To end on a positive note, This blog post was written by the newly ASHP Emergency Medicine Certified Pharmacist…….Claudia!!!!!!

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