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As I approach my one year wedding anniversary next week, I’ll share the following marriage tips: 

Wedding Photographer: Infinite Creations

Have a Joint Calendar 

I keep a calendar by the door where we write our work schedule, appointments and important dates. We try to plan our week and weekends together in person. If we have plans, we inform each other of those plans ahead of time and add it to the calendar. 

Wedding Photographer: Infinite Creations

Decided Ahead of Time 

Don’t wait till the day-of to decide when your going on date-night. You are also more likely to make date-night a thing if its planned ahead of time and you’ve been looking forward to it. Set aside a time and date at the minimum. Another example is how you’ll split your time between both families during the holidays. Don’t wait till the day of to decide! Come up with a holiday strategy that’s agreed upon by both parties. Remember, that your family ie you + partner are your own family and that’s the family that comes first. 

Wedding Photographer: Infinite Creations

Split up Household Chores 

Don’t wait till the sink is about to collapse under the weight of dirty dishes to decide who’s chore it is. Split up the household chores and set a date to tackle them. Hold each other accountable and check in with each other when the chore wasn’t completed or when it was. Don’t blame them for not completely the chore, instead ask what happened that they couldn’t get to that chore. Offer to help each other because you are a team and you share the home. When one of you does a great job, acknowledge them. “Is that a new kitchen sink? Almost had me fouled with how clean it is. Great job!”. Its cheesy and corny but let’s be real, we all like being celebrated. 

Wedding Photographer: Infinite Creations

Don’t Assume Anything 

No seriously, don’t assume you know anything about your partner’s time or schedule. Instead, rely on one another to share that information. Don’t assume you know the “tone” they are texting you in. (Does anyone else read text messages with a tone? – asking for a friend). Ask for clarification before jumping to conclusions.

Wedding Photographer: Infinite Creations
Wedding Photographer: Infinite Creations
Wedding Photographer: Infinite Creations

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