Thanksgiving Table Setting

I took away the skeletons from halloween and added fall foliage leaves to the table. Feel free to take from the following options what you like and what will work for your guest. Keep in mind if the food will be buffet style, or spread throughout the table. Do your guest prefer large plates? What types of drinks will be served, which glassware go best with said drinks.

I’m only hosting a friendsgving this year for less than 20 people. I plan to use two large rectangular tables for my guest. I have enough gold utensils for 20 people, but if need-be I’m not one to shy away from mixing metals. (check back later for my friendsgiving post). I don’t have 20 of one type of glassware so I will be setting up the bar cart and allowing guest to pick which glass they prefer for their drinks. I personally like to keep all my plates white, to make mixing styles easier.

Option 1: Fancy

I like to tie my napkins in a knot to elevate how it looks on plates. I set the utensils to the side, and added water and wine glass options. I like to write the guest names on something they can take home. For my friendsmas last year, I used wreath ornaments as table setting cards. For a thanksgiving theme you can use leaves or store bought cards are alright too.

Option 1: Rustic

For this setting I wrapped the napkins in a paper napkin holder I found in the Target dollar section. For a more rustic option I used mason jars instead of wine glasses. Instead of using a large dinner plate and a salad plate, I used a large dinner plate and shallow bowl plate. This option is great if your guest are like me and like seconds!

Option 3: Casual

In this option I put the utensils in the napkin holder, kept the desert utensils to the side and swapped out the mason jar for a tall glass. I kept the larger dinner plate and shallow bowl option.

Option 4: Minimal

I kept the napkin simple and placed the utensils onto of the napkin. I used a short wine glass instead of tall wine glasses. I went back to the larger dinner plate and salad plate for this minimal option.

Pro-Tip: Get yourself cute to-go bags!

I found these bad boys in the Target dollar section, aka the most expensive section in all of Target. If you know, you know.

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