Holding Yourself Accountable

To build on a prior blog post about how to set an intention, I’ll offer the following tips on how I hold myself accountable.


 I do a version of Rachel Hollis “Start Today Journal” most mornings. I write down the same ten things I envision for myself in the next ten years in my journal. The purpose of this is to call your shot and put it out there to the universe. 

At the beginning of the month when I write down the same ten things I’ve been writing down all month long, I get really specific. For instance, I’ll share my number one item: “We no longer have credit card debt”. At the beginning of the month I write down how I’ve been making this goal happen for the last month, and how I will continue to make it happen in the next month. 

It’s not just writingto write down your goals as if they’ve already happened, but it’s also holding to hold yourself accountable and writingwrite down the progress you’ve been making. Some of my goals are still too far in the future for me to elaborate further on. For instance, another goal of mine is “We own an income property”. There are so many other things that need to happen before that goal can be made a reality. But nNonetheless, I write down all the things that need to happen before I can start working towards this goal. 

I write these ten things over and over again at the start of my day to give my day purpose. I see my goals and I set out to plan my month, week or day based on these goals. Everything I give my time and energy to, need to be inline with these ten goals. 

I also share my goals with those close to me. Going back to being credit card debt free, I turned down a vacation with my best friends and their significant others, even though. eEvery ounce of my being wanted to charge the flight to North Carolina on the credit card and jet off on a fun cozy cabin retreat in February. But this trip would not be inline with my goal to be debt free, it would do the opposite. This trip would have added to my debt and not taken away from it. 

To summarize, it’s important to set the intention and to check in with yourself frequently to ensure you are inline with your intention. 

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