Home Renovation Update

Living in south Florida hurricane preparedness is always on our mind. When we purchased our home, the only windows that had been updated were the two front ones. This was probably in an attempt to increase the curb appeal. But this left the remaining windows, doors and sliding screen doors original to the house, circa 1979. Now don’t get me wrong, 1979 was probably a great year, it however was not the year of energy efficiencies. I’m not kidding when I say that you can stand in front of these windows and feel the outdoor breeze and heat (The small fortune we give FPL each month is proof).

This home renovation was filed by colada & pastelitos

We have been saving away and finally were able to purchase all the impact windows for our home this summer. In order to save money, we will be installing the windows ourselves. With the help of my very handy father and through our “friends and family free work” exchange program. Having a close group of family and friends willing to help you out with manual labor is golden and we are enterally grateful.

The addition room had three sliding screen doors, which seemed excessive to us. We will be covering two sliding screen doors to windows, enlarging one sliding screen door and adding a single sliding screen door.

We started out by converting an existing sliding screen door to a window, swapping out the sliding screen door we will be keeping in its current location and converting the second garage door into a window. Then life happened. My dad got very busy with work and the family home in the keys needed out immediate attention due to various hurricanes lurking around south Florida.

For now, these Target curtains and rods are attempting to cover up the exposed brick. I swapped out the dated ceiling fan for these. But mostly this room is currently functioning as my plant room / dominos room / doodle playroom. We hope to move the kitchen into this room in the future. More on that later.

kitchen inspiration

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