Infinitely Loft October Recap

The Infinity Loft membership works a bit differently than the Rent the Runway one. It’s three items at a time, unlimited. The catch is that you don’t get to select which three items you’ll receive and all three items must be returned together.

How it works:

On the website you can favorite which items you like and in what size. Once you notified them that you have sent back a box, they prepare your next box. Once that box ships, you’ll get an email confirmation and that’s when you find out what’s in the box. Theres the option to priorities some favorited items over others, but I like to leave mine to chance.

The Pros

It’s like receiving a gift with each box, since you don’t know what’s been selected for you. If you really like an item, you can purchase it at a very discounted price. They prepare your next box when you’ve notified them that its shipped versus waiting for actual shipment confirmation.

The Cons

You must send back all three items in order to get new items. If you want to hold onto one item longer, you’d have to either buy it or hold on to all three.

I wore the jumpsuit to date night, work and to run errands. I wore the dress to work. I also got this dress, which I wore to work, but didn’t take any pictures in. I wore this dress to a friends birthday lunch.

Get $20 off your first month

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