How to Plan a Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties are my favorite to plan and attend. I need very little excuse to spend an entire weekend with my girlfriends. Getting an entire group of girls to all agree on one thing, is almost impossible. Which is why I put together these tips.

Get a group chat started

This is very important when you’re trying to crowd source for ideas. It’s also helpful to have all the information in one chat. A group leader should be designated to communicate with the bride. If everyone ask her the same questions multiple times, it can get overwhelming. This way, only one person is either giving the bride information, or asking for information.

Realize right off the start that you can’t please everyone

Try to take everyones opinion into consideration. But ultimately, the only person who should have the final veto power is the bride herself.

Figure out everyones budget

Being apart of a wedding can get costly. Setting a budget will help keep everyone on track. You wouldn’t want someone to not join in on the festivities because of money.

Plan ahead of time

No seriously don’t wait till the week before to start booking. Maybe a destination bachelorette is out of someones budget, but if they had more time to plan they could attend. Also events for large groups takes lots of reservations. You’d want to do these early to ensure availability.

Split up the work

Once the theme and location have been decided split up the tasks. Ask in the group chat to have everyone sign up for a task. Examples of task can be: booking the hotel, ordering decorations, ordering t-shirts, booking restaurant reservations, planning the activities, or buying snacks.

Keep in mind what the bride would actually like to be doing on her bachelorette

It’s very easy to get carried away on bachelorette trips, but try to keep in mind the bride’s personality. Don’t pick to have matching t-shirts if the bride isn’t interested in it. Or don’t plan a zip lining tour, if the bride is afraid of heights.

Don’t forget to have fun!

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