How to Become a Pharmacist: Part 1

I’ve been asked this question a lot throughout my journey to becoming a pharmacist. Like most journeys, there’s always a start. My start began when my mom, along with a business partner, decided to open a pharmacy in Kendall, right before the 2008 housing market crash.

I wish I could tell you that I was a young prodigy child that spent all her after school hours at the pharmacy reading chemistry books or drug package inserts. But that simply wasn’t me because you see, I was more interested in cheerleading, student government, yearbook club and my social life. It actually wasn’t until my boyfriend (now husband) was applying to college (he was two years ahead of me in school) that I even got to thinking about there being a world beyond high school. By this point, I’m a sophomore in high school, about to be a junior and I literally knew nothing about college and my current GPA needed a major renovation.

When I wasn’t at one of the previously stated after school activities I was at the pharmacy. Again this was rare and few, but it was still able to leave a lasting impact. I enjoyed the work flow of the pharmacy. I would count colorful tablets or capsules and thought to myself “this little thing cures people.””. It sparked an interest, and soon my resentment for having to pitch in at the family business instead of hanging out with my friends lessened. Later on when the law changed and only pharmacy technicians were allowed to work in pharmacies, I got the pharmacy certified to become a pharmacy technician work-study pharmacy. 

I got my act together and started to take my school work more seriously. Soon, my GPA started to improve and I was able to apply and get into The Honors College at Miami-Dade College.

Next month I’ll be sharing part two of “How to Become a Pharmacist” my college experience. 

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