Setting an Intention

An intention is “the thing that you plan to do or achieve: an aim or purpose.”


It’s important to set an intention because it helps to keep you on track and makes your achievements and successes more attainable. Your intentions should be tied to your values and thus, should remind you how to live each day with more purpose, inspiration and motivation. Intentions can be set daily, weekly or monthly depending on the scale of the intention. 

For instance, my daily intention is to be more mindful about how I spend money, while my monthly intention for September was to not be afraid of putting myself out there and finally start a blog. Being mindful about how I spend money could be done on a day to day scale, while settings one’s fears aside or starting a blog is not as easily accomplished in a day. An example of a weekly intention is to exercise for a certain amount of days that week. 

There’s different ways to set an intention and no two people go about intention setting in the same manner because our intentions are personal and tied to our values. 

Here’s some tips for setting intentions: 

  • Be specific about what your intention will be and state it in a positive manner. For example, instead of stating “I won’t be late to work anymore”, state it as such “I will allow myself the time to prepare for the work day by arriving early”.  
  • Write down your intention, say it and repeat it over and over again. 
  • Create a vision board to help you envision how your life will be like once you’ve accomplished your intention. 
  • Practice gratitude and be determined. 

Comment below what your intentions are.

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