“May I speak to the Pharmacist?”

I’m Claudia and I am THE pharmacist.

mortar and pastel the blog as prescribed by claudia, learn more about me, www.mortalandpastel.com

The short abbreviated story is that I immigrated to this country the day after my fourth birthday in 1995 (separate blog post to follow). I grew up in the vibrant city of Miami, in a suburb called Kendall. I attended college at The Honors College of Miami Dade College, FIU and then pharmacy school at FAMU.

I now live within a mile radius of my parents (as every good Cuban daughter should) with my high school sweetheart turned husband and our adorable doodles, Bruce and Wayne (more on them later).

Mortar and pastel is a play on mortar and pestle. A mortar and pestle is used in medicine by pharmacist to grind medications, in the kitchen to blend herbs or to make the popular Puerto Rican dish of mofungo. When I think of a mortar and pestle I think of my passion for pharmacy and my new found love of food. I swapped the word “pestle” in exchange for “pastel” for my love of light, bright and airy feminine interior design style. 

I’ve grown up a lot over the years and would be using this platform to share my experiences. 

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